Untitled Karen Miller Novel

Looks like there's another mystery novel on Amazon, this one done by Karen Miller, an Australian fantasy author, working on Stargate SG-1 . Like Karen Traviss's novel, we have no information on this one as of yet. Check out the article on Clubjade.net here, and the article on Amazon where the book is listed here. In Karen Miller's blog, she said that she was writing two Star Wars novels set during the prequel area, but that entry of her's was quickly removed. It's also the same type of temporary title as Traviss's book, and about the same price, so another possibility is a series involving the two writers or more. Considering Karen's love of clones, and the time period hint, a Clone Wars show tie-in seems likely. It might even be a series. Hopefully something official will be said soon to clear things up, but we will work to get something for you. Source: Clubjade.net, Amazon.com

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