Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2 will have a 60-minute premiere on October 2nd at 8:00 pm ET/PT! #
  • RT @lucasartsgames: So who wants more SW goodness on Virtual Console? Perhaps some Empire action? Super Empire Strikes Back is out on WiiVC! #
  • X360A's GamesCom 2009 LucasArts Round Up #
  • Lost Tribe of the Sith #3 will be released on February 9th, one month before FTOJ: Backlash. #
  • ESB video using bottles and sneakers to promote recycling. Cool stuff. Thanks to Patrick for the link. #
  • RT @lucasartsgames: Have your XBox ready for some Secret Apprentice action? Tatooine DLC is out today! Time to take down that rancor... #
  • Enjoy Fantasy Football? EUCast is starting a free fantasy football league that you can join! Email us to join. #
  • #StarWars #followfriday fansites: @jedinet, @StarWarsJokes, @dbsw, @forcecast, @clubjade, @Lightsabre, @galacticbinder - Spreading SW love #
  • Now only 10 places left for the EU Fantasy Football league. Email to join! #
  • #FF EUCantina Staff: @MasterAndrew15, @Autob0n, @MasterDevwi, @MandyBu, @Kal_Skirata, @Blankitout, @J_BLU3 #
  • TCW Decoded Episode #16: The Hidden Enemy #
  • TeamXbox has new screenshots and videos of TCW: Republic Heroes #
  • GameSpy's TCW: Republic Heroes hands-on. #
  • Dan Wallace says that TOR will have a new origin story for the Hydian Way. #
  • Essential Atlas mentions "one Sith Lord building up a new Sith Empire in the Unknown Regions." This is a tie-in to TOR. #
  • has the achievement list for TCW: Republic Heroes! #

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