We Talk Clones Interview with Henry Gilroy

We Talk Clones is the EUCantina.net review podcast of the Clone Wars TV series on Cartoon Network. The podcast is hosted by Stephen and Tom and includes key episode points, reviews, and speculation about that week’s Clone Wars episode. Each podcast will have a special guest host. Please join your host’s Tom, William and Ted with special guest Henry Gilroy, writer for Star Wars the Clone Wars TV show on Cartoon Network. One of the many questions asked addressed the recent issue of Clone Wars continuity.
"George never liked to be limited by the continuity. He's the guy who created the property...put it in the scope of Walt Disney...you try to tell Walt Disney where Mickey Mouse came from...who are you to tell him that? I think people...that get a chance to tell stories in his (George Lucas) universe have to be ready to...let go of these creations because they're really not what George had in mind.  I always tried to pay attention to the Expanded Universe, and Dave (Filoni) and I tried hard not to step on the Expanded Universe, but George sometimes had something else in mind...He told Dave and I, don't be limited by that. Don't limit yourself."
Henry goes on to talk more about the EU, new characters, and much more. He says that George Lucas really got excited about the series after episode 15, and that most of the stories from then on came from George. Henry talks about the writing process, the theme of season 1, how Season 2 becomes more "intese" and "sophisticated". Henry says that George would at times like the stories from Dave and Henry so much that he would say they needed a prequel and a sequel. Listen to the full interview here.

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