SOE to Develop Casual MMO Based On TCW? [Rumor]

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According to Ten Ton Hammer (via 1UP), LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment are supposedly working on a new casual MMO, based on the FreeRealms engine.  This MMO might even be set in and based on the visual style of The Clone Wars.  Here’s what 1UP had to say about the rumor:

With BioWare hard at work on Star Wars: The Old Republic, it seemed as if Sony's history with Star Wars MMOs would be just that -- history. But now according to a rumor floated by Ten Ton Hammer (via Shacknews), it looks like Sony Online Entertainment might not end with Star Wars Galaxies. An "insider source" says SOE is preparing to build a new casual-centric Star Wars MMO, most likely based on the Clone Wars animated series.

Ten Ton Hammer reports that this anonymous source confirmed this rumor at PAX, where they said SOE will likely use the engine from their popular browser-based MMO FreeRealms to create the new game. Considering the engine it'll be using, and since it'll be set in the Clone Wars timeframe, it's likely that the game will be based on the stylized look of the Clone Wars animated series. And since the game will be built with a focus on attracting more casual gamers, it's unlikely it'll be positioned as a direct competitor to BioWare's highly anticipated The Old Republic.

Source: Ten Ton Hammer (via 1UP)

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