Kemp to pen Crosscurrent Sequel (UPDATED)

Author Paul S. Kemp and his childrenIt seems Lucas Books really takes the term "don't fix what ain't broke" to heart. First, we learned that Joe Schreiber will be getting another horror novel, and today author Paul S. Kemp announced on his blog that he will be penning a sequel to his first novel Star Wars novel, Crosscurrent. UPDATE: Editor Sue Rostoni confirmed the novel, and also stated that it will, in fact, replace the Boba Fett novel due out by Karen Traviss that was canceled. The current set date for release is June 2011. Original Story: Kemp's first novel is due out in January of 2010, but apparently it was good enough to warrant a direct sequel. There is not much information about the newly announced novel, but we do know that Kemp is very exciting to be dabbing in the Galaxy Far, Far Away once again. We will let you know any more information on these new novel once we get it. Source: Club

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