TCW Ratings Almost Double for Certain Demos

Star Wars The Clone Wars TV by the Numbers is reporting that Star Wars: The Clone Wars saw a huge increase in viewers for the third episode of Season 2, almost doubling for certain demographics!

From Cartoon Network (via TV by the Numbers):

Following solid gains for the Season 2 premiere compared to the same time period last year, Lucasfilm’s STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (Friday, 8 p.m.) earned considerable double-digit delivery and ratings gains across all kids demos.  Delivery of kids 2-11 (1,116,000) increased by 50%, delivery of kids 6-11 (851,000) increased by 79% and delivery of kids 9-14 (624,000) increased by 75%.  Boys demos proved even stronger with boys 2-11 delivery (835,000) advancing by 65%, boys 6-11 delivery (677,000) by 81% and boys 9-14 delivery (536,000) by 91%.

The Clone Wars is very popular, and is only getting more so!

Source: TV by the Numbers

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