Crosscurrent Dramatis Personae Revealed

Author Paul S. Kemp recently updated his blog with the Dramatis Personae of characters for his upcoming novel Crosscurrent. Because some may consider this spoiler-ish, and rightfully so, those wishing to see the list need only click the “Read More.”

Crosscurrent is due out January 26, 2010 with a follow-up scheduled for the summer of 2011.

Jaden Korr — Jedi Knight (human male)
Kell Douro — assassin/spy (Anzat male)
Khedryn Faal — captain, Junker (Human male)
Marr Idi-Shael — first mate, Junker (Cerean male)
Relin Druur — Jedi master (human male)
Saes Rrogon — Sith Lord; captain, Harbinger (Kaleesh male)
Drev Hassin — Jedi Padawan (Askajian male)

Source: Twitter

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