Chris T. on the Blueprints

Because of the recent rumors concerning who's writing, how much it's going to cost, and when "Star Wars Blueprints: The Ultimate Collection" is coming out, we decided to contact one of the artist working on it, Chris Trevas, and see is we could get some more information. He gave us this: "The Amazon details are correct as far as I know. I can't comment on release date and price since that is DK's call." He also went on to comment about who he was illustrating and writing with, in which he said, "I have teamed up with Chris Reiff, my good friend and designer of the Star Wars mini helmets, to produce the poster artwork. We've split up the workload because they was just too much for one person to complete in the project timeframe. We are working in collaboration on each of the 5 posters. We're also working closely with Ryder Wyndham on the poster text." He also told us the five posters, but we don't want to spoil that until the book gets more official announcements. According to Chris, "We are all extremely proud of the posters and hard at work on them right now. More later when we can comment more!" We certainly are excited for this work, which is slated for August 4, 2008 for release. Very special thanks to Chris for letting us know! Be sure to check out his amazing work on his website.

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