Sean Williams Slated to Pen TOR novel (UPDATED)

UPDATE (11/5/09): now has a page entry for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Right now, they only have audio versions (disks and audiobooks) of the work. However, has a listing for the hardcover, which has it coming in at 272 pages, so it is pretty safe to assume Random House will update their site soon with the hardcover. Sean Williams is writing it and the due date, at this time, is July 27, 2010. Original Story: According to, author  Sean Williams will be once again stepping into the Star Wars universe and writing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Due out July 27, 2010, the novel could very well be the one confirmed novel by Sue Rostoni to be in the works to coincide with the release of Bioware's upcoming MMO of the same name. Williams was known to be working on a new novel, as he and Karen Miller both entered a charity auction for victims of the Australian wild fires. The charity stated that it would give the chance to be named in Miller's novel (now known for The Clone Wars: Gambit-Stealth) and in William's novel, what ever it was. We will work on getting an official confirmation throughout the day! Source:

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