Drew K. Digs Deep into Old Republic Times

By now, most Star Wars fans are aware of author Drew Karpyshyn. Be it from his Knights of the Old Republic game, Darth Bane novels, or even the recent Mass Effect game and novels. What many not be aware of is that Drew is currently part of the team working on Bioware's The Old Republic. As senior writer, Drew is a major part of what the story of the game will be like when we gamers get our hands on it. Drew recently wrote a developer blog entry on The Old Republic's site, detailing what it is like to write the newly announced Jedi Knight class and their missions. Also, in a recent blog entry on StarWars.com, Drew goes into detail about all his work on The Old Republic, his upcoming third Bane novel Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil, and even answers a few very interesting questions for us fans. continue-reading-glow Will there be more than one Old Republic novel? Will I be involved? What does this mean for Bane, Zannah and the Sith lineage novels? Drew says: maybe, maybe, hard to say. I'm not being a jerk with my uninformative replies. (Well, maybe just a little.) I just really don't like to speculate on what's to come; I've found it's much easier to just roll with things as they happen. Drew also states that he was asked to pen Star Wars: The Old Republic, the upcoming novel based on the game by Sean Williams, but declined to do so. Source: DrewKarpyshyn.com

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