JJ Miller Teases Kotor’s Finale & Future Work

swkotor50Knights of the Old Republic comic series scribe, John Jackson Miller, recently updated his blog with an entry discussing both the end of the very popular series and what could be a new Star Wars comic series written by himself. In the entry he writes of Knights of the Old Republic # 50, the final issue: "All kinds of surprises in the issue -- of course! (And if you think the solicitation gives anything away, think again -- or better, listen to Magneto: "Are you sure you saw what you think you saw?") Miller also goes on to discuss the prospect of a new Star Wars comic series written by him. He refers to the recent (and very well done) interview The Force.net had with Dark Horse Editor Randy Stradley.


In the interview Stradley comments, "fellow editor Dave Marshall and writer John Jackson Miller don’t want me to spill the beans about the new series they’re working on." However, Miller tells fans to let the speculation begin, so, speculate away! As soon as any official word on Miller's new project is out, we will let you know. So, Miller is working on a new series and hopefully it will be as great as his previous one. Source: SWBooks.co.uk

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