Publications for The Old Republic Revealed


Update II:

Editor Sue Rostoni has also confirmed that Paul S. Kemp will be writing a novel for The Old Republic in addition to his sequel to Crosscurrent. That brings Paul up to three novels at this time. Source: Message Boards

Update I:

Paul S. Kemp has now confirmed that his The Old Republic novel will not be a sequel to Crosscurrent. He states that the Crosscurrent sequel will not be set in the TOR time period, and that it should be a hardcover novel. Source: Club Jade

Original Story:

For awhile now we were aware that Bioware & Lucasarts' upcoming game The Old Republic would produce tie-in works, such as comics, short-stories, and even full-length novels. After a few rumors, we now have an official announcement via of all tie-in publications, at this time, related to Star Wars: The Old Republic. continue-reading-glow First we have, at long last, the official confirmation and announcement for Sean Williams' upcoming novel Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance. The hardcover is currently slated for a July 27, 2010 release. Weighing in at 427 pages, the novel is sure to be a long, if not interesting, read. Second, a short story from Threat of Peace scribe Rob Chestney will be coming out, although the exact date at this time is unknown. Lastly, it Paul S. Kemp will be dabbling in the Old Republic era with a new novel. According to Kemp, he will be writing a hardcover novel that tie-ins with the game and he is currently in the planning stages of the novel itself. Source:

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