Next Star Wars Game Named!?

Video Game site Kotaku is reporting that the next Star Wars game, slated to be announced this Saturday a the 2009 VGAs, has been leaked! According to patent information at the Australian Classification Board, the next game will be titled Star Wars: Legends. The game, apparently a game being developed and published by Lucasarts, is rated M for mature (thanks to sci-fi violence) and will be published by Activision in Austrailia. It will apparently be mulit-platformed. Now, if readers listened to EUCast #74, host Austin Blankenship actually speculates that this would be the name. Why? In the summer of 2008, Lucasfilm registered three names for patents: The Old Republic, Star Wars Legends, and Star Wars Sagas. Bioware announced TOR in October of '08, and now apparently Legends is next. While this is pretty close to being official, we will just have to wait until Saturday to see what the game is about. Source: Kotaku

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