The Sands of Tatooine Coming to The Old Republic

Bioware announced recently the next planet for their upcoming MMO The Old Republic: Tatooine. The iconic planet, of course seen for the first time in A New Hope and revisited many times since then, played a pretty crucial role in Bioware's first Knights of the Old Republic video game. The player will see the planet after the events of the first Kotor and those interested can learn what has had since Revan, Bastila, and crew visited the world 300 years before on the official TOR site. The Old Republic currently has eight planets known. The Old Republic is rumored to be due out sometime next year. Editor's Note: We would like to apologize for the incorrect reporting of this topic. We were made aware of the error soon after posting, but due to circumstances it could not be changed until today. We'd like to thank those who e-mailed and commented letting us know of the error with saying Tatooine was the last planet; we had been misinformed. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience! Source:

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