Williams To Pen The Force Unleashed II Novel? (UPDATED)


Although not an official conformation, Amazon.com is now listing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II as a hardcover written by Sean Williams due out October 5, 2010. We will see if we can get any official word from Del Rey or Lucasbooks, but until then, it is pretty safe to assume The Force Unleashed II, like its predecessor, will be getting a novelization. Source: SWBooks.co.uk (Also mailed in by Eddie)

Original Story:

PubEasy, an ordering database, is reporting that author Sean Williams will be writing an "Untitled SW Game Tie-In." Now, Williams will be penning The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance, a tie-in to Bioware's The Old Republic, and penned the novelization for The Force Unleashed, so Williams is in no way new to writing video game novels. What makes the whole thing even more interesting: the release date is a slated for October 5, 2010. What game is known to be coming out late this year? The Force Unleashed II. What has Williams written before? The Force Unleashed. It's pretty easy to assume that this is a novelization for The Force Unleashed II. As of yet, no plans beyond the video game have been announced, so we will keep you up-to-date on this story. Source: NJOE.com

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