The Old Republic Coming Spring 2011 (Confirmed)

sithunleashes-sms-1108.jpg Update: In a forum post, BioWare has confirmed that they are targeting a spring 2011 release! (1UP) According to MMO site Massively, in a recent discussion on the financial outlook on EA Games, CEO John Riccitello said that the company was looking to a Spring 2011 launch for their next big MMO. Riccitello said: "One key driver is going to be the launch date of our major MMO. As it stands today, the game is making great progress towards a spring 2011 launch." EA owns Bioware, the company developing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and since EA currently has no other announced MMOs coming, it's pretty safe to assume he was talking about The Old Republic. Of course, this is just a rumor and until an official announcement from Bioware comes the release date for The Old Republic is unknown. Still, we eagerly await the announcement of the release date for this highly anticipated part of the Expanded Universe. Source: 1UP, Massively, Kotaku

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