New Invincible Summary?

Alternate Invincible Cover One of the forumers on NJOE, Rouge77, has found a new Invincible summary that's located in the Del Rey Summer catalog, which you can download here. Here it is, but beware of new spoilers: Luke Skywalker is stuck on the horns of a dilemma. He is convinced that Darth Caedus, the Sith Lord who began life as Luke's own peace-loving nephew, Jacen Solo, must be destroyed-yet he worries that his vision is tainted by his own anger, pain, and desire for revenge. Jaina Solo, Jacen's twin sister, has completed her training under the galaxy's most fierce anti-Jedi warrior, and now it falls to her to fulfill her destiny as "Sword of the Jedi." And so while the forces of the shattered Galactic Alliance struggle to end the civil war that has set planet against planet, Jaina-along with her parents, Han and Leia, fellow Jedi Knight Zekk, and old friend Jag-heads right into the lion's den to confront the horrific tyrant who was once her twin brother. . . . The beginning of it is similar to the current summary that's out, but the last part is very different. One other notable thing about the Invincible page in the Del Rey catalog is the cover; even though it's black and white, we can see that it's a bit different from the official one. It was probably a draft that the artists improved upon, but it's fun to see nonetheless. Source: NJOE, Randomhouse

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