New Clone Wars Trailer

The trailer for the new Clone Wars movie has just been "released" by a Polish distributor. Obviously, this makes it unofficial. However, the trailer includes new footage, and looks more like the real thing than a fake could be. We are unsure how this was leaked, as the trailer was supposed to come out in Warner Brothers: Speed Racer, which premiers on May 9th. The video can be found below. We've just received word from Warner Brothers Corporation that displaying the video has infringed on their copyright and were asked to take all copies down. We, of course,  replied to their request. We were under the impression that it was legal and the content was open to the public, but we were wrong. All copies have been removed from the site, and we are no longer offering the video via Flash. There are still some copies of the trailer floating around YouTube, for now at least. We'll have the trailer up again when it has been released officially and permission has been given.

About the Author

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