Galaxies Bringing Galactic Civil War Into Forefront

Star Wars Galaxies, the first and current Star Wars MMO, is still running and its recent game update, Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege, seems to be trying to remind people of how awesome your own story within the Star Wars galaxy can be. Since the announcement of The Old Republic, the original MMO Galaxies seemed to be losing steam; this update, however, goes back to its core: The Galactic Civil War. Offering players the chance to fight for the glory of the Empire-- or Rebellion-- the game update sets up major battles on three major planets. It's up to you on how it all plays out, so go check it out. Also, for a limited time, those who have left Galaxies can come back for free! For all the information on the update and getting back into the action, check out the official site. Source:

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