Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon hits the E-shelf

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Paragon

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The third installment of fan favorite John Jackson Miller's Lost Tribe of the Sith was released Feb. 10th, in E-book novella format.  The Sith from the current Fate of the Jedi series have a past, and Paragon explores the fate of the stranded Sith castaways, as they struggle for survival and dominance, as they set up a new existence.

Dark Horse Comics popular Knights of the Old Republic series writer, John Jackson Miller is the brilliant mind behind The Lost Tribe of the Sith series, and will also be heading up some new projects;  Star Wars: Knight Errant. For more on Knights Errant, both comic and novel check out our recent KE article here. Paragon also includes an exclusive excerpt from Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash (The Del Rey Hardcover slated for March 9th) for those who enjoy spoilers. Here's a description of Paragon straight from TOS.


The ruthless cunning of the Sith Order has served the shipwrecked crew of the Omen well on the alien planet Kesh. Subjugating the superstitious Keshiri race by posing as its fabled overlords has ensured the Sith's survival -- while they struggle in secret to return to the stars. But after fifteen years on their adopted world, some among the lost tribe have grown restless and fearful that assimilation will consume their Sith heritage. Now, as rival factions begin to appear, a shocking disaster throws into doubt the Sith's future on Kesh. In the distant city of Tetsubal, the entire native populace is suddenly wiped out by a grisly plague of unknown origin. With terrifying speed, more cities succumb to the mysterious contagion. Only the Sith remain unharmed -- so far. And as Sith commander Yaru Korsin grapples with the looming loss of the paradise he rules and the race his people have come to depend upon, he must confront the dark possibility that the catastrophe may not be cruel fate but insidious sabotage.
- You can Download Paragon in PDF format today by clicking on the cover above. If you prefer your books in eBook format, please follow these links to free downloads. If you've been living in the Jundland Wastes you might have missed the previous two installments of Lost Tribe of the Sith, see here for Precipice, and here for Skyborn and enjoy. Source: StarWars.com

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