Sue Rostoni talks Books for 2010 and Beyond!

Good news fanboys and girls, more Star Wars literature is coming our way!  Once more Sue Rostoni, editor at Lucasbooks, is the fan's source for book news as she lays out some of the projects to expect on the horizon.  Black Orchid, Jedi Dawn, Imperial Commando 2, Conviction, Holostar, and more... Sue Rostoni -
There's an assigned book in March of 2012, a hardcover, that I can't release the author name yet. There's another hardcover in November 2012 by Michael Reaves and Maya Bohnoff, the last Coruscant Nights book with the working title: JEDI DAWN. Then we've put Imperial Commando #2 in February 2012 and we have an author that hasn't signed yet -- so I can't release that author until the contract is signed. And then I'm hoping that the anthology of Lost Tribe of the Sith stores will come out as a paperback in 2012, but this is not certain yet.
Sue later Posts:

Okay -- here's what I have for 2011, WITHOUT the video-game tie-ins.... with no promises that it's all correct! But it is the best estimation at the moment.

February 2011: Joe Schreiber's hardcover horror novel, BLACK ORCHID February 2011: John Jackson Miller's paperback KNIGHT ERRANT March 2011: Michael Reaves and Maya Bohnoff's HOLOSTAR April 2011: Aaron Allston's FotJ: CONVICTION June 2011: Alex Irvine's Hardcover, no title yet. July 2011: Paul Kemp's paperback sequel to CROSSCURRENT August 2011: Christie Golden's FotJ: Untitled. September 2011: Tim Zahn's CHOICES October 2011: Jeff Grubb's untitled paperback. November 2011 -- Untitled, unauthored Hardcover. December 2011: Troy Denning's FotJ Untitled Hardcover.
Fear not Star Wars fans, with this many projects lined up we'll have plenty to read in the future! Source-

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