EUC Reviews: Announcing The New Format

Since its start, has tried to ensure that Star Wars are well informed about their Expanded Universe and the items within in it, including every mediums. This, of course, included reviews for the items of all mediums-- books, comics, games, and television. Up until now, EUC has used written reviews for the job. However, starting in mid-March 2010, will be no longer hosting text reviews for Expanded Universe items. Instead, all reviews will be handle by our monthly review podcast, The EU Review. Many of the former EUC review writers will be appearing on the show to help the hosts review items, so it should be a diverse and fun way of examing the stories we enjoy so much. All written reviews up until this month will still be accessible through the "Reviews" page (We are currently working on placing it on the sidebar with the other pages again), and all items reviewed by The EU Review will be placed their linking to the show it was reviewed in. Text reviews, beyond the ones already written for the site, will also be placed on our forums by some of the staff members who wrote older ones for us. We hope you enjoy the new way of reviewing and we will continue to inform and serve!

About the Author

Andrew Lupi is the founder of EUCantina. He started out with a simple forum, but converted his EU hub into a full website in 2007. He was one of the original hosts of our official podcast, EUCast, and was also a host of The EU Review. Andrew continues to provide advice and leadership for EUCantina.