Star Wars & the Game Developers Conference

*As my first official post I want to thank the EUCantina staff for inviting me to write articles for the website and to be a part of a great community* - Zack A., EUC staff reporter Sick of waiting for news on The Force Unleashed II, Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Old Republic and other potential Lucasarts projects? Well next week the wait will hopefully be over! Starting next Tuesday, March 9th in San Francisco, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) will commence and dozens of the best game developers will meet to share secrets and give lectures on such things as programming, audio, game design etc. Lucasarts will be attending the 5 day event and I'm willing to bet a few Republic credits that we'll get some juicy info on upcoming games. Make sure you visit EUCantina throughout the week and follow our twitter for updates on announcements by Lucasarts. For more info on GDC, head here.

About the Author

Zack Alcorn began reporting on video game news for EUCantina in 2009. He assists in all news reporting for the website. Zack is majoring in history at Seton Hall University. He is an avid Golfer and gamer, who loves everything Star Wars. Zack would consider himself a prequel defender.