Find Balance in the Force with The Old Republic

The latest update received from Bioware's highly anticipated MMO - The Old Republic (TOR) - gives the community a great introspective look at the mind set and potential applications of where the story may unfold for the Jedi Consular. TOR writer Joanna Berry, in this developer blog, begins to explain to us some of what she finds fascinating about Star Wars; she discusses her favorite movie & moment. In turn, this gives the reader a direct reference as to what motivates her and her writing. What does this means you may ask? To put it into development terms; when a writer puts a lot of personality and thought into a story, most of the time it's something they can relate to or feel pretty passionate about. Here we are given direct examples of this, and I believe it is safe to assume we will be seeing the evolution of the Jedi Consular, through flash points involving these scenarios. In addition, the writer infers that choice will have a very strong aspect in the story here, once again pushing the selling point of the 4th pillar - Story. We see elements of both dark & light side at play here as the Jedi Consular is stuck in a struggle of balancing for the thirst of knowledge. Knowledge itself is a weapon, but how it is used whether through passion or through reason remains for the player to decide. There are a lot of choices to be made and many of them may fall in between what is moral and unmoral, hence leaving the player in the gray murky waters of trying to understand both sides of the Force. So now what will your ideology be and where will your allegiance lie towards? Source:

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