The Prison World of Belsavis Comes to TOR

This week we learn about the the prison world of Belsavis. Not much is known about this planet it's only mentioned a handful of times in the expanded universe. Often times, the planets where there is little or no known information given than a few particular blurbs are the ones that give creators the most freedom to work with as they are open to be interpreted and open to the authors or artists imagination.

Belsavis located in the Outer Rim, recently discovered by the Galactic Republic. This world once occupied by the ancient race known as the Rakata, is now being used to house some of the most dangerous criminals of the Republic including Mandalorians, Sith Lords and Creatures born of Sith Alchemy.

Further attempts to take control of some of the deeper levels of the prison where thwarted by strange creatures and unstoppable droids. It would be safe to assume these were some kind of safety mechanisms or defenses left by the previous owners.

Realizing that it was only a matter of time before things got worse and possibly even some of the force fields would fail, the Republic sent a force to this planet to safeguard these prisoners and ensure they stayed imprisoned.

This in turn lead to an interesting turn of events as the Empire found out about this secret prison it sent it's Imperial Agents to infiltrate Belsavis and unleash the carnage that was held within.

This particular planet has a few interesting concepts behind it. First off mentions in the expanded universe depict portions of it as a endless maze, giving the audience a great visual representation and a parallel to one of the most classic stories we know which is derived from ancient Greek Mythology, this would be Jason & the Minotaur.

Next the blurb we received this week about end game raiding being a mixture of classic raiding we are used to and with the inclusion of something we've never seen before leads to some great idea's and theories here. This prison world makes for a very strong candidate in this realm as it can include both the Empire & Republic.

For the Republic, your goal would be to ensure the prisoners are kept where they belong, while for the Empre, it's simple release the Sith Lords, Mandalorians, & Sith Creatures! The addition of the mention of the word 'Tomb' also leads the reader to believe this will be some sort of hive network of cells and labyrinths. This would lead for some exciting travels!

Now lets discuss the visuals on this planet, they are quite distinctive. They offer a blend of winter and temperate climate zones. There is a lot of inspiration here coming from Felucia, Hoth, and Kashyyyk. Most notable are the tree's, they are very muck akin to Wroshyr tree's, having the very gnarled roots and being used as roads. In addition the high contrast of colors brings the elements from Felucia as we see many exotic plants.

Also make sure to keep your eyes open as in the future a new web comic is being released known as Blood of the Empre!  It is set in the time before the Treaty of Coruscant, it will primarily focus on the interior designs of the Sith Emperor!

You can find more information about the web comic at the SW: The Old Republic website.

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