TFU II on Facebook and update

The Force Unleashed IIWell, Lucasarts didn't have any Star Wars news for us last week at the Game Developers Conference so I guess I owe you those credits I promised you. But word came yesterday via Lucasart's twitter that The Force Unleashed II now has an official fan page on Facebook! We can expect to see the latest news and announcements from the page so if you're on Facebook, become a fan! It also appears that Lucasarts is doing another daily update at, where each day for about a week they add something to the background that ends up showing a teaser from the game. Last time it was Starkiller on top of the rancor killer from the premiere trailer. This time we can see some chains around Starkiller's hands, which I wouldn't recommend doing. So check daily to see what the next teaser is!

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