A Galaxy of Updates For The Old Republic

This past week has been one filled with quite a bit of content. We are shared some very interesting tidbits about The Old Republic.

First of all as many of you saw this past Monday an NDA was lifted from some interviews that were given to a few lucky journalists. This consisted mostly of them having been able to test play the trooper class.

The important thing to take away here is that Bioware is alleviating the concerns of much of the community about the game and its size. This translates out to basically one thing, SW: TOR will offer a large open world element. This was reinforced by many opinions throughout the play test. In addition we learn the inspiration for this class, what we can expect and the feel of combat and questing.

So let's start off ! Combat for the trooper is not all that different mechanically then what we're used to with other MMORPG's. It uses a action point/meter system where you have an ability that builds the meter as the rest of your abilities deplete it. These abilities range from high damage to crowd control, while others combine elements of both. This should lead to some very interesting combat as there is no auto attack; it's all on the fly!

Next we are given impressions on what the testers thought of the quests. The over-all consensus seems to be that the quests & story are engaging. I'm sure as we've all experienced in the past with quests we just hit “skip” or “next”. Quite frankly it's not very interesting. However the thing to take away here is that the majority of the testers enjoyed the story; it was well thought-out. The voice over work was top notch and it was made to feel very cinematic, which is important and I believe that is what players enjoy when playing Bioware titles. In addition throughout dialog choices and conversations the camera angle shifts to give a very movie like experience.

Now that we've covered the play testing segment, let's move into what we've gathered from the interviews appearing over the web this week. Many of them involved Daniel Erickson, who is the lead writer of SW: TOR.

These involved him telling the community the inspiration behind the trooper class. The majority of it comes in fact from the Clone Wars. This is a great source as it contains the heaviest amount of soldiers we see in the movies. This later on is supported from some of the screen shots we've received. See below. The type of armor being worn and the color scheme is very much akin to Clone Commando's and Commander Cody.

Lastly this week was another Fan Friday, and the big reveal which was facial customization. I for one wasn't sure how in depth this would be, but was very pleasantly surprised! The depth of the engine seems to be very compelling and allows for a great choice of options including, facial, eye, hair, lip, makeup color, tone and shape. Not to mention it appears we'll be able to have tattoos.

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