Jennifer Hale to lend her voice to The Old Republic

Voice-actress Jennifer Hale, likely known among Star Wars fans for her whole as Bastila Shan in the hit video game Knights of the Old Republic as well as Aayla Secura in The Clone Wars, will be providing her talent for Bioware's upcoming MMO The Old Republic. Announced in the April issue of PC Gamer (UK) during an interview with James Ohlen, Hale will be playing the role of a Republic Trooper. Nothing beyond that is known at this point, but you can actually hear Jennifer in an interview with EUCast, our official podcast, here-- where she actually does hint at perhaps being in the game. Having a veteran and well-known voice talent such as Hale certainty helps Bioware do what they mean, after saying multiple times that this game will have the utmost top quality in terms of audio & overall voice-work. Source: Darth Hater

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