New Site For The Old Republic Coming? (UPDATED)



Sean Dahlberg, the lead Community Manger for The Old Republic stated this in the forums:
You have indeed found the login portal for Game Testing. That said, this is not a new page and we are not ready to make any additional announcements about our Game Testing Program. When we are ready, we will make sure The Old Republic Community is the first to know."
The above picture is the login portal for game testing, so it seems the countdown (Mentioned below in the original story) on the Bioware site may have a different function entirely, if they are, in fact, not ready to announce anything related to game testing.  We shall wait and see. Source: Darth Hater


Original Story:

Bioware has one of the best track records in recent history regarding the way they handle announcements for their games. Today is no different. As seen in the photo, the Bioware site now has a count-down clock on their main site. After a few people in the official forums for The Old Republic saw it, they did a little digging and found this site. Now, being the interested reporter I am, I tried to log in using my e-mail and password for The Old Republic forums. This is what I saw when I logged in:
launchswtorloginre Well, let's just say we should all be excited for Monday at 12 PM Noon EST, because it's looking like a beta test, of some sort, is opening for the game. Source: Massively

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