Vortex gets its first Blurb

vortex_img Fate of the Jedi: Vortex isn't due out until December 7th of this year, but thanks to the Random House and their Fall Catalog, we have the first official blurb for the upcoming novel. The sixth novel in the series, Vortex will be penned by Troy Denning and be released as hardcover. Keep reading for the blurb-- But fair warning: Spoilers for Fate of the Jedi as a whole, especially Allies, are within. A very special thanks to Ewan of SWBooks.co.uk for the tip! Page 70 of the Catalog:
"In Book Six of the bestselling nine-book Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series, the suspense crescendoes as the Skywalkers and their treacherous Sith allies race against time to discover the origins of the mysterious Force-entity known as Abeloth. When they begin to uncover secrets better kept hidden from mortal minds, no one is surprised to see the uneasy partnership erupt into violence. But they are surprised at where the investigation leads: to the home of the reclusive Fallanassi, who may hold in their hands the future of the Jedi Order itself."

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