Boba Fett To Appear This April in The Clone Wars

Have you been paying attention Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fans?  If not, let us tell you!  According to USA Today, and Daniel Logan's Twitter, Boba's Back!  Or will be in the April 23rd episode, as well as in the season finale on April 30th. EUCantina's own We Talk Clones Podcast Co-Host Tom Pniewski had the honor of being mentioned in yesterday's USA Today article discussing the current season of The Clone Wars as well as Boba Fett's return.  Daniel Logan also confirmed this with his most recent tweets as well. Daniel Logan:
Boba is back! I will be returning as Boba Fett in The Clone Wars. Be sure to watch Cartoon Network on April 23 for the return of Boba Fett! I am sure all of you will love the episodes as much as I loved working on them. I am so proud & honored to come back and play Boba again!
In the USA Today article, Dave Filoni is noted stating that Classic Boba Fett had a Clint Eastwood vibe, and hopes to keep that in mind as he brings Boba to life in The Clone Wars. So what should we expect from this version of Fett?  It sounds like this Fett is going to be out for one thing: Revenge.  Boba will also have his own gang of Bounty Hunters to help him achieve his brand of payback.  So stay tuned Star Wars fans, The Clone Wars are just heating up! Source: USA Today

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