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During this past Friday's update from Bioware for The Old Republic, we received quite the surprise in the form of a new addition being added to the Holonet.

This turned out to be the biographies section; this new section will provide a collection of profiles of important character's existing throughout The Old Republic time line. It includes a short summary of what these individuals accomplished, and how their influence made an impact on this particular age in the Star Wars galaxy.

You can read the entries below in simple text, or head over to the official site for The Old Republic.

At the moment, we are told there are only three entries available. These consist of The Sith Empire, Independents, and The Republic.

Entry 1 – Sith Empire

This one pertains to Grand Moff Kilran, also known as the Butcher of Coruscant. Interestingly enough this character appears to be a fusion of one of the most widely loved expanded universe character's, that being Grand Admiral Thrawn. The allusion here is extremely similar as he is described as being very charismatic, genius and was the person responsible for collecting the remnants of the Empire fleet.

He also posses qualities from the Original Trilogy's famous Grand Moff Tarkin, who was in turned viewed as completely ruthless. A great example is the destruction of Alderaan.

Entry 2 – Independents

Nem'ro the Hutt, a ruthless crime-lord of the gangs of Jiguuna, one of Hutta's prominent industrial capitals. The description of his profile gives him a very mafia like feeling, the structure of his organization consisting of lieutenants and underlings. However what is unique in his position is he treats his underlings with respect and rewards them very lucratively to the point where they have a “piece” of territory in which they are in charge of.

While his minions run the show, Nem'ro enjoys the high life, which consists of food, arena fights and basking in the respect of his peers. The fact that arena fights is mentioned gives a very strong reference back to Knights of the Old Republic, where we first meet a Hutt on Taris being in charge of a very popular arena ring. This level of detail provides seamless continuity between the two titles.

Entry 3 – The Republic

Grand Master Satele Shan, the descendant of Bastila Shan. Being described as a very approachable person who prefers to be called by her first name, she is a extremely interesting character as her past crosses over into a rich history of The Old Republic. Just the fact that she is a descendant of Bastila implies greatness and intrigue.

This great Grand Master is the youngest Jedi to have achieved this title and is in fact the person responsible for rediscovering Tython and forming the Jedi Temple there due to the destruction of the previous on Coruscant.

Her primary duties in which we are made aware of involve that of being a mediator much akin to Master Yoda.

Keep a close eye on this new addition to the Holonet, we are bound for many more rich updates in the future as we get ever closer to the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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