EUCast Episode 20 – Speaking of Jedi

Shownotes for EUCast Episode 20 - Speaking of Jedi Sorry for the lateness of the episode this week folks. Expect the next one to be on Monday as usual. -Special guest host: Opal/MizzeeOH rejoins us! -Yes, Warner Brothers did make us take down the Clone Wars Trailer. -No, we did not get sued for money we don't have. -Did Lawrence leak the trailer? -Discussion of the new Epic Battles Clone Wars video. -We go off on a tangent about the latest Spiderman movie. -Who will Seth Green voice in The Clone Wars? -Main Discussion: What makes a Jedi a Jedi and a Sith a Sith? -Dueling Round: Every Jedi ever vs. every Sith ever. -Make the Connection: Musical Version -Other segments: Favorites, Questions to keep you up at night. -And much more! Contact information: Email - Discuss on the EUChatter Forum on our message boards. Vote for us on Podcast Alley.

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Austin Blankenship is the webmaster of EUCantina. He is a host of our official podcast, EUCast, and also founded our sister website, Austin helped turn EUCantina from a forum into a website in 2007, and continues to operate the site and the EUC social media accounts. Austin works as a librarian in a small town above Atlanta, Georgia.