Learn More About Boba’s Role in The Clone Wars

13146news_lg_star_wars Thanks to the recent announcement that Daniel Logan will be reprising the role as famed bounty hunter Boba Fett in The Clone Wars, a few sites have been getting exclusive information and images about the young revenge-wanting Fett in the show. First up is an article in the TV Guide Magazine. Featuring an all-new image (seen above) of Boba, the article offers little more than what we knew but does contain new comments from Supervising Director Dave Filoni. Second we have an article from IGN.com, with a brand new, and much more interesting, image of young Boba Fett with fellow hunter Aurra Sing. In the image Fett is wearing what seems to be the under jumpsuit required for what perhaps may be his father's armor. From previous Expanded Universe, we do know that Boba does refit his father's armor, but not immediately after the Clone Wars begin. Source: Daniel Logan's Twitter

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