Wondercon ’10 Brings Star Wars Comic News

Going on in lovely San Fransisco, California is the 2010 WonderCon convention. Right in Lucasfilm's back yard, it's hardly surprising we have some news from it for our readers. Right now, all the news is about the comics. Via Dark Horse's panel, we now have a few new tidbits for comic fans. Legacy had a huge "tipping-point" recently for Cade Skywalker in the conclusion to the "Monster" story-arc, but that isn't anything close to the next surprise the series will be throwing to readers throughout the next year.  Invasion will be returning in May and "it’s actually a lot more action-packed than the first series, and there’s a lot more Star Wars tech that we haven’t seen.." Dark Horse also has 11 “Star Wars” projects set to launch in the next 12 months. Knight Errant, recall, launches this fall. One of the aforementioned projects may be a comic dedicated to Starkiller. When asked about the possibility of Vader's Secret Apprentice being in a comic, Editor Randy Stradley said, "I can’t say anything, but…"
        Source: Comic Book Resource

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