Battlefront Online Put “On Ice”


Readers may recall that Battlefront Online, although never officially announced by Lucasarts, was slated to be the next entry into the series of Battlefront games and was in production. It would, according to reports, release this fall and developed by Slant Six and published by Lucasarts as a game relying fully on online gaming. However, in a somewhat odd turn-of-events, it seems that Battlefront Online has been put "on ice" by Lucasarts, and Slant Six has temporarily laid off the developers working on the game until they can resume its development. Lucasarts apparently has a "stacked 2011 schedule" for Star Wars games, and when it became clear Slant Six couldn't get it out by 2010, Lucasarts put the title "on ice"  until at least 2012, when Lucasarts has a less "stacked" release schedule. No official word from Lucasarts yet, and we will, as always, keep the readers up-to-date. Source: Kotaku, Total Video Games What do you feel about Battlefront Online? Should Lucasarts simply let it go? Let us know in the comments!

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