Voss: A New Planet for The Old Republic

This week we were introduced to a brand new planet being added to the Star Wars universe. The Planet Voss brings with itself an exciting plot filled with much intrigue. To begin the story, Voss is being dubbed as a planet filled with eternal war. There are two sentient species residing on it; the Gormak and the Voss. These two are rivals locked in a never ending battle. While the Gormak favor technology and brute force, the Voss remain guided by the Force through the Seers & Mystics.

The Eternal War, the implication we are given for this naming convention for the war between these two rivals is based from the hint that they've been fighting each other for many centuries. To paint a vivid image the author states that the Voss, being secluded in their mountain fortress, have held out against the Gormak, even being outnumbered in incredible odds to the point of millions.

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The Force users were what eventually drew the eye of the Sith & the Jedi to come to this planet, each for their own reasons. Yet the natives of the planet foresaw this and when the two orders came to the planet, each filled with their own purpose, the two fleets disappeared. At this point we don't know what happened to them, but needless to say the mysterious ways of the Force are at work here. In the end both the Jedi & the Sith came to Voss peacefully and were humbled by the ability of the Voss.

With the addition of this new planet and its evolving story, we will be keeping a very close eye on it. The similarities between the Voss & the Baran-Do Sages make for some extremely exciting stories and ultimately bring the roots of this new addition back to Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic. For more images and history, make sure to check out Star Wars: The Old Republic Holonet entry.

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