Fitting Boba Fett into The Clone Wars

Although not a surprise, when it was announced recently that a ten year old Boba Fett would be heading to The Clone Wars television series, Expanded Universe fans were mostly happy yet cautious. Why, though? A few years back, Boba Fett's activities during the Clone Wars were pretty well pinned down in a series of young adult novels under the title Boba Fett. Now, with the first appearance of Fett in The Clone Wars rapidly approaching on April 23rd, EUC reader and fellow fan Aaron Goins has done a great job of writing an explanation, in great detail, on what Boba has been up to since Attack of The Clones and shows how it can, although it's not known yet if it will, work with few issues in current Expanded Universe lore. Give it a read here and be sure to let Aaron know what you think!

About the Author

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