Peace for the Old Republic


This week we were treated with a brand new time line video for The Old Republic, making it the seventh installment in the ongoing series.  These have been extremely well received and are one of the favorites of the SW:TOR community. The latest one brings us to approximately 103 years before of the Treaty of Coruscant, also known as an Era of Peace prior to the Great War.

Before continuing, we now have a new time line identifier in addition to what the expanded universe has been using, that being BBY – Before Battle of Yavin. The new time line identifier for the Old Republic is BTC – Before the Treaty of Coruscant.

Having established that lets move along towards the core of the latest video, that being the fact that even in these peaceful times prior to the Great War, the Sith have been secretly infiltrating the Republic.

First we are notified of the Government, than promptly followed by the Jedi Order itself.

The story begins with two Jedi, a classic reiteration of the driving force behind the Prequels of the Saga. The young Jedi Knight Elson Gynt and his Master Ovair, they travel the galaxy studying the mysteries of the Force. When one day they receive a mission to Yavin 4.

Yavin 4 now is a planet filled with rich history that predominately points towards Naga Sadow and his Massassi followers. Bioware does not disappoint! As the two Jedi land on the planet they are quickly greeted by these Massassi ( a sith sub speciies that originated back in the early sith empire ) who where thought to no longer exist on Yavin 4. After a ferocious battle they are pushed back with no where left to go besides an on old temple.

The temple bore many surprises to the new invaders, this is where we are first introduced to the spirit of Naga Sadow. The entry first relates to his spirit as dark energies, but the information is soon revealed as the story progresses.


The significance of the reveal of Naga Sadow's spirit is great to this time line as he was one of the original Sith Lords. For more information and back story about him make sure to read Tales of the Jedi Omnibus Vol 1 & 2.

Weeks later Master Ovair returned to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, wounded, half insane from the tortures he had endured. No where was his companion to be seen. After a long period of recovery he told his tale to the Jedi Council. Years passed . . . .

When one day his former companion mysteriously wandered back into the Jedi Temple. He bore the garbs of the Massassi warriors, Gynt was dead set on killing his former Master. Possessed by the spirit of Naga Sadow he attacked. After a lengthy battle, Master Ovair won.

The battle celebrated, all assumed everything was well. However as we the reader know deception is a key element to the Sith and once more Bioware gives us the core etho of a master mind at work. We are presented with a question, “ Why would Naga Sadow seek vengeance against Master Ovair?”

We are soon given an answer as deeper history is unearthed about Master Ovair. We learn his father and grandfather also went out into the galaxy in search of Tombs of Sith Lords. We are immediately given a visual of the barren wastelands of Korriban. This ultimately infers to one thing, the family is composed of Sith Infiltrators.

Suddenly we are brought into the light, Ovair's mission to Yavin 4 was not for the Jedi, but in fact for his true master, the Sith Emperor. The Emperor knew that these dark spirits could be a threat to his power. After all what else do Sith do besides fight each other in an eternal battle over power? Such is the circle of the Sith.

Ovair's return was considered a pre-emptive strike against the old Sith Lords determined by the Emperor to narrow his focus solely on the Jedi & the Republic itself.

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