Fan Friday for The Old Republic


April 23rd's Fan Friday was given a great update with details on how some of the communities in The Old Republic will work. But what we really want to focus on here is the mention of taxis. This is the first time Bioware has revealed this vehicle, and we now know that this will be one of the modes of transportation to get from Point A to Point B around a city.


The interesting thing to note from the concept art of the taxi is that, in style, it is very much akin to what we see in Star Wars: Episode II. To visualize this more, try to remember the scene where Obi-Wan and Anakin are chasing Zam across Coruscant. There are subtle differences in the architecture of the taxi itself, yet the overall design cannot be denied.


It is always a pleasure to see influences we can all recognize. SW:TOR seems to be making a great effort to inject new creative ideas into classic concepts derived from the movies we've all grown to love, bringing us a great sense of continuity.


Lastly, we were given a short video showing off some of the beautiful environments in the game. A series of locations were showcased, revealing sunlight, water in motion, working holo-projectors and beams of energy. What this all means is that the ambiance and scenery are being carefully crafted together and infused with a great dose of particle effects, creating a beautiful world for us to immerse ourselves in once The Old Republic launches.

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