Blood of the Empire – Issue I

The first issue of Blood of the Empire follows the tale of a young Sith apprentice known as Teneb Kel. He is an extremely clever individual tasked with a secret mission, which concerns the Emperor and the future of his great plan. If Kel is successful, it will only mean he is expendable, and if he fails... it will prove to be his demise.

Act 1 – Shades of the Sith

The story begins approximately 25 years before the Treaty of Coruscant, on a planet known as Begeren. What we see is a war-torn world, as a fierce battle occurs between the Sith and Republic forces. We are led through the story through the eyes of some of the ground troops, and learn how the situation around them is unfolding.

Next, we are introduced to the main character, who is Teneb Kel. We see how he deals with the issues around him, and learn what happens as he continues his mission. Jumping forward a bit, we see his companion and how he interacts with him, which, in turn, reveals a few surprises.

Lastly, a very nice plot twist and closing scene is shown to the reader. The entire story encompasses ab0ut seven pages and gives us a brief introduction, beginning, core sequence of narrative and follows though with a great cliffhanger ending that leaves the reader wanting to find out what happens next.

In addition to the interesting story, we are given some wonderful artwork by Dave Ross. The SW:TOR community seems to be in general agreement that Blood of the Empire's artwork is a drastic improvement over what was found in the Threat of Peace. It seems that Bioware has listened to its community and followed though by providing readers with large-scale stories and vastly improved artwork, both of which are truly something to appreciate.

This new issue also gives readers a different perspective on the war between the Sith and the Empire, as we are now introduced to interesting behind-the-scenes developments with the Sith. What will happen next? Stay tuned as we received more updates. . .

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