The Force Unleashed II Info Leaked *Spoilers*

Update 2

We have received a link to scans from the GamePro version of this article, which confirms many of the spoilers below. This article is full of spoilers for the game.  You can read it here. Thanks Marty!

Original Story

Information regarding the highly anticipated sequel, The Force Unleashed II, has made its way on to the Internet courtesy of some scanned pages from the French gaming magazine "Consoles". Recently we've been treated with  updates to the official website featuring Starkiller on Dagobah, and news of the game's official coming out party with the June edition of the gaming magazine "Gamepro", but the French seemed to have jumped the gun and leaked some news regarding the game. We reveal some of the major *Spoilers* after the break! Remember, there is no confirmation from LucasArts, and this should be considered a rumor. We will contact LucasArts and keep you updated.


From what I can gather from translating the French and from what the fine people at the LucasArts Forums have already deciphered, it would appear that Starkiller has been cloned. It seems that his memory and soul are in the cloned body but not all is restored. According to the article, his name is Gaalen Maarek, and EU fans should know what that means. According to the magazine, the purpose of this new adventure for Starkiller will be to find out what happened to Juno, and he will seek General Kota to help him.  We are also told that the planets of Kamino and Cato Neimoidia will be featured in the game. And perhaps the biggest reveal is that the game will be compatible with Playstation Move, and will have multiplayer! You can read the entire article here. has received word from LucasArts, who tell them that "the full scoop can be learned in this month’s Gamepro magazine as well as other gaming mags in Europe. We’ll let those articles speak for themselves". While they don't specifically confirm anything, I think it is safe to assume that the magazine's information is probably correct, based on this statement. Source: TFN Source: LucasArts forums, TFN Special thanks to Will for translating parts of the article!

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