Discovering the Past: A First-Look at Darth Malgus

This past week, we've gotten another fantastic series of updates from Bioware regarding The Old Republic. Now, this one is truly distinguished as we are revealed some information about the mysterious Sith we all grew to love in the Deceived trailer in the later half of last year.

Which, to be honest, for any Star Wars fan must have been one of the most spectacular CGI trailer's we've seen in a long time. In fact, when this occurred, the Star Wars community hype for SW:TOR went through the roof, and with good reason. Yet, let us get back on topic.

This mysterious Sith we learn about is Darth Malgus. This character is incredibly fascinating and deep. In fact so much that as you all may know now from a previous article that there will be a book dedicated to the history of Darth Malgus, written by Paul S. Kemp.

So we are given a glimpse into the history of this character in a series of biography updates in the Holonet.

Keep reading for a detailed look at Darth Malgus!

Darth Malgus

What we now know is this figure is from the Sith world of Dromund Kaas. His birth name is Veradun. This same man is the very person responsible for leading the attack on Coruscant, and is the very same person who killed the Jedi Master in the Deceived trailer. Yet, there is much more interesting things to him.

First off, not unlike other Sith, Malgus has taken a lover. However, what makes this character much deeper is that he did not merely treat her as a slave, but we are told that it was much more as a wife. This indirectly leads back towards one of the core tenants of the Sith Code, which is Passion. In addition to this, his lover accompanied him on many campaigns, including the attack on Coruscant. Now if you keep a close eye on the Deceived Trailer you will notice that there is a blue Twi'lek next to him. This mostly likely is her.

Second, he is known to be a diplomat and an explorer. We learn that he has frequently  traveled into the Unknown Regions and fought many campaigns there for the cause of the Empire. In fact, he won much territory and prestige to the point where, he if he so wished, he could have had a seat on the Council. However, due to his diplomatic nature he refused to take it and be drawn into a world of politics.

When descent or political issues abounded, we are informed he was not timid to show his opposition on major issues. This caused a many good eyes to fall on him from the other Sith Lords, yet due to his usefulness and successes none dared rise against him.

With Darth Malgus we see many influences from the Star Wars Saga itself embedded in this fascinating character. The most apparent is his physical comparison to Darth Vader, while his personality seems to be a mixture of Anakin Skywalker & Palpatine.

As updates about the lore of the galaxy in The Old Republic continue, we look forward upon delving into the pasts of these great characters. What happened to Malgus after the Treaty of Coruscant? Time will only tell.

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