The Old Republic‘s Advanced Classes and New Worlds

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Eurogamer recently revealed the Advanced Classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The game, which is very story-centric, currently has just eight classes.  This “problem” has been solved with Advanced Classes, which open up each class to a wider range of possibilities.  The Sith Warrior, for example, can choose between becoming a Juggernaut or Marauder.

The article also contained more references to the massive size and scope of the game:

You won't have the time in a single lifetime to discover all the content. Between the two factions, there are no recycled NPCs. It's Knights of the Old Republic 3 to infinity. If you printed out the script and it rained, the Earth would be covered in papier mache. Is big game.

To read about TOR’s Advanced Classes, head on over to the TOR Official Site and EurogamerWARNING: the Eurogamer article may contain language that is not suitable for all ages. also published an article on how they create the worlds seen in the game.  It’s a great addition to their developer blog, and it shows that BioWare is very conscious of existing EU material:

Now to be clear, the first thing we do when we decide to add a “new” world to the vast Star Wars mythology is to do our research and see if there is a world that already exists and will fit our needs. Is it the right type of climate? The right place in the galaxy? Does it have next to nothing written about it? Awesome, it’s ours. Over the years hundreds of writers have tossed out names of worlds with a sentence or less to describe them. Why create more clutter when we can add to the depth of what’s there?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is scheduled to be released in Spring 2011.

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