Star Wars: Tales from the Clone Wars

Tales from the Clone WarsWhen the latest version of the Clone Wars series first launched, it had many special tie-in comics that took place between the aired episodes to keep us enthralled between shows.  (Found HERE)

As we've seen with the recent TOR Webcomic Threat of Peace, fans would like to have the comics in their hands, as well as readily available online. Never wanting to keep fans waiting, has announced:
For comic fans who want a more permanent record of these adventures, Dreams & Visions Press with Dark Horse Comics are publishing a trade paperback edition of the first season comics, titled Star Wars: Tales from the Clone Wars. This edition will be available at Celebration V this August, and then exclusively at after the event. It includes the entire run of Season One webcomics -- written by Pablo Hidalgo and illustrated by Jeff Carlisle, Katie Cook, Grant Gould and Tom Hodges, as well as the "gameisode" installments that tied into online Flash games following Season One. A bonus section features concept art and development sketches, as well as bonus art from all the artists. This special collected edition includes a foreword by Dave Filoni, supervising director of the television series.
So Celebration V attendees, get ready!  And the rest of you can keep your eyes focused on to get your copy! And as always, faithful readers, keep your eyes here at for all your Star Wars EU news. We keep our eyes on the boards, so you don't have to. Source: via TF.N

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