Blood of the Empire continues with #3!

Blood of the EmpireWith the third installment of the ongoing webcomic Blood of the Empire hitting the web this week, The Old Republic fans have finally caught a good look at the Sith Emperor!  Tensions mount as Teneb Kel duels his former Sith Master and gets tasked with hunting the Emperor's own apprentice.

The third issue of Blood of the Empire chronicles two formidable confrontations--one between Teneb Kel and his former master, Lord Calypho, and another between Teneb Kel and the Dark Council! And what plans do the Emperor and his mysterious apprentice have in store for Teneb? The mission to determine the future of the galaxy begins here.
Writer Alexander Freed has set a tone of mystery, saber duels, and Sith politics. When teamed with David Ross, this comic will be one to watch out for!  With this new trend of webcomics going to print you can bet that this series will follow suit. So if webcomics are not your thing, go to, check it out, and decide for yourself if the story is worth the wait. Source: via TF.N

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