The Force Unleashed II Receives Major Site Update


Screenshot from The Force Unleashed II, the official site for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, has received a major overhaul. Starkiller is no longer standing before various planets, as weather effects provide an ambient background. Now, the site opens to a first-person view from Starkiller's eyes, in what appears to be a cloning tank. Voices can be heard in the background, running various diagnostic tests on Starkiller, and there is what appears to be a timer on the right side of the screen with numbers flashing. We have confirmed that three "games" and an audio log are hidden on the site, but revealing where they are or how to access them would just ruin the fun. Good luck! The timer seems to be linked to June 1st, as it would appear to show 161 hours. For more information, head on over to the TFU2 Info page. As always, stay tuned to EUC for more updates.

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