The Secret Apprentice’s Name Revealed?-UPDATED

According to NZGamer, "Our second piece of exclusive information is in regards to the games protagonist, Darth Vader's secret apprentice. You may not have realized it but he hasn't been given a name publically, other than the moniker of "Secret Apprentice". That is until now. Ladies and gentlemen, our anti-hero's name... is... Starkiller. " Starkiller sound familiar? This is, of course, the last name that Luke Skywalker was originally going to have, but it seems this may the first name of The Secret Apprentice. We do know, according to project lead Haden Blackman, that the Apprentice does in fact have a name, but we can not confirm Starkiller for you at this time. If you remember, Haden also said on Spike TV a code letter for the Apprentice's name and it was "S." As promised, we contacted Lucasarts to see what the deal was with the name. We got a reply from Adam Kahn, who is the Public Relations over at Lucasarts for The Force Unleashed. He told us: "I can confirm that "Starkiller" is the Secret Apprentice's code name in the game, but we haven't revealed his real name." So, there you go, everyone. Starkiller is the codename that Vader uses most likely to refer to his Apprentice. It is NOT his first or last name, and his real name has yet to be revealed.

Source: NZGamer  

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