EU Releases This Week: May 23-30, 2010

darkhorsedelrey We get a few releases in comics this week! Star Wars: Invasion: Rescues #1 is the second arc of Invasion and starts by continuing the adventures of Finn Galfridian. What would be Invasion #6, is now #1 of 6. It looks as though Dark Horse Comics is stepping back into the old "arc" style that was the norm during the mid-to-late '90s, before the earlier "Star Wars" series became Republic and its later spin-off lines. While this might be confusing for some, it certainly hasn't interfered with the quality of the work.  Once more, Invasion speaks for itself. Mystery and intrigue are surrounding the Galfridian family, and when the Holocron the Solo group retrieved will only work for Finn and Finn alone, things start to turn ominous. What does it all mean? We can only hope it's something big!

We are also treated to Star Wars: Legacy #48: Extremes part 1 of 3, and with only 2 comics left until the end of this era, it's starting to simmer to a boil! What will happen to the future of the Skywalker line?  Cade Skywalker's desire to kill every Sith he crosses just may be his undoing! Has he already started to show signs? Only time will tell what will happen, and that time is running out! Only 2 more issues of Legacy to go!

On the Del Rey side of things, May 25th marked the Fate of the Jedi: Allies hardcover's release at bookstores everywhere! With the promise of alliance, can Luke Skywalker make an ally out of his Sith enemies? You can get your hardcover copy wherever books are sold, or at the links below, and you can listen to a spoiler-free review of Allies on The EU Review, our podcast hosted by Nathan P. Butler and Andrew Lupi.

This week is also an important one to the paperback fans. Your EU saga is one step closer to being complete! The mass market reprint Fate of the Jedi #2: Omen hits shelves, and you can soon join those forum threads that have had all the spoilers you've been avoiding.  Many had hoped that Christie Golden's short story Fate of the Jedi: Imprint, a hyperspace membership kit exclusive, would be included as at the end of Omen, but instead it contains an excerpt from FotJ: Abyss. Still, don't let that stop you from enjoying the Fate of the Jedi in whichever format you like most!

Don't have your copy yet?  Click these links below to get yours today!

Fate of the Jedi #5: Allies (Hardcover) Invasion: Rescues #1 (Amazon link HERE) Legacy #48: Extremes (Amazon link HERE) Fate of the Jedi #2: Omen (Paperback)

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