Companions Detailed for The Old Republic

torcompanions Sharing your journey with a trusted companion is what many role-playing video games are based on. It is not surprise, then, that Bioware's upcoming The Old Republic will contain companions, and for good reason. Every Star Wars hero needs a companion. Han had Chewie, Luke had R2-D2 — even Jabba had the cackling monkey lizard Salacious B. Crumb. These characters compliment a player’s strengths or weaknesses, and provide company for the epic journey you will inevitably undertake. Whether they’re combative, friendly, flirtatious, or even just good for a laugh, companions always contribute to your adventure. To learn more about the companion characters and how they will factor into your Old Republic experience, check out the official site for the game. Also, be sure to check out the first, and only, announced companion character: Vette. Source:

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